Create a Better Device Experience for All

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Order, equip, manage

Device management software that protects company-owned devices by letting you wipe and lock them remotely

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Onboard and offboard employees

You shouldn't spend hours setting up new employees. Swifteam solves device management problems for remote teams. You can buy devices, deliver them, and lock, wipe, and relocate them all from one app.

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Today’s device management is wasting time & money

Do you spend hours researching devices every time you hire a new team member? How do you keep track of all the devices your company owns? Can you be sure your employee data is safe on all devices? What do you do when an employee leaves?

It's time to stop winging it. Swifteam brings structure to device management for your remote teams. From anywhere in the world, in seconds:

Onboard in seconds

  • Buy and Ship Devices
  • Assign and Re-Assign
  • Execute Use Agreements
  • Configure and Set Up

Manage devices remotely

  • Maintain app and device security remotely
  • Store devices in our partner warehouses
  • Get a single view of all your inventory

Offboard with ease

  • Decommission a device
  • Lock and wipe data
  • Retrieve the device with a prepaid return
  • Reassign or store the device


Move faster by connecting to 25 HR systems

Easily migrate your current workflow – integrate with 25 HR systems. Connecting your HR and IT asset dashboards lets you manage devices, teams, presets, agreements, accounting, uptime, and offboarding quickly – all in one place.

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Gain Insight Into Employee Activities

With your teams working from home in different time zones, it’s not so easy to have regular check-ins. Swifteam lets you quickly understand your team’s uptime and activities so that you can empower them to create healthy work habits that keep productivity and morale high.

Create a better device experience for all

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