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MDM software for remote teams

4.8 out of 5 based on 2000+ reviews
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What they say

Reclaiming my time

Swifteam is a straightforward tool that effectively covers IT management tasks giving me the time to focus on cybersecurity and getting companies their SOC 2 certification

William @ VioletX

Game changer to device management

Swifteam integrates ChatGPT into every employee device is a game changer to how people and devices are managed through the organization

Puneet @ Symbl

Onboard and offboard employees

You shouldn't spend hours setting up new employees. Swifteam solves device management problems for remote teams. You can buy devices, deliver them, and relocate them all from one app. Order through Swifteam and get a 10% discount.

Manage your devices

Easily migrate your current workflow – integrate with 25 HR systems. Connecting your HR and IT asset dashboards lets you manage devices, agreements, uptime, lock, and wipe, quickly and securely – all in one place.

Add employees and create teams

Business is booming! You should be focusing on growth. You don't have time to manage a worldwide remote team. Swifteam lets you create teams quickly and collaborate. So no matter how busy things get – you can always count on your team.


Use Swifteam for free forever if you have up to 5 remote employees. Get a custom quote based on your company's size.

Move faster — connect with 25 HR systems

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Swifteam automatically secures your IT devices in over 100 countries

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Gain Insight Into Employee Activities

With your teams working from home in different time zones, it’s not so easy to have regular check-ins. Swifteam lets you quickly understand your team’s uptime and activities so that you can empower them to create healthy work habits that keep productivity and morale high.