Create a Better Device Experience for All

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Gain control over your company devices

Thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, the ability to work remotely is more attainable than ever before. But those same devices can threaten business security. Protecting your company Intellectual Property on these devices when they are no longer located in the confines of your office is a challenge. And that’s why we built Swifteam. 


Set up devices with the right software, tools, apps and permissions before shipping or handing them to employees.


Reduce the risk of a data breach by enabling security measures upfront, and then perform regular updates and audits remotely.


When an employee leaves, make it easy to secure and ship the device back to you or our warehouse. 


Deliver and support remote devices

Buy or reassign a device to a new employee and deliver it with everything they need to get started – security, software, apps and accounts. As your employee gets to work, you’ll rest easy knowing your company IP is secure.


All your devices in one view

Assigned or unassigned, Swifteam gives you a single view of your company’s equipment and assets. Your finance and accounting teams will thank you.


Track devices and uptime

Add the ability to track devices in case they are ever lost or stolen. Empower your team to create healthy work habits and keep productivity high while ensuring apps aren’t going unused, posing a possible security threat. 

Create a better device experience for all

Use Swifteam for free forever if you have up to 5 remote employees. Get a custom quote based on your company's size.