Create a Better Device Experience for All

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Remote device onboarding for today’s teams

Improve the operational efficiency of your remote device provisioning process with Swifteam’s reimagined approach. Reassign or purchase a new device for an employee, set it up according to team presets, and deploy software and updates to devices remotely in a matter of clicks.

Set Up

Set up devices with the right software, tools, apps and permissions before shipping or handing them to employees.


Reduce the risk of a data breach by enabling security measures upfront, and then performing regular updates and audits remotely.


Take care of routine IT issues and perform regular updates remotely using the Swifteam Agent.


Execute employee device use agreements

Ensure your employees understand the conditions of using equipment provided by your company, and that they follow device use protocols by executing an agreement in a few simple steps.


One-click app deployment

With the Swifteam App Store you can set up devices with whatever your teams need to do their jobs – Slack, Gmail, Creative Suite, Office, Teams, etc. – so they can get to work the minute they get their device. 


Secure & support remotely

Detect threats and secure company laptops by locking them remotely when they are lost or stolen. Protect your company data by wiping devices remotely and un-assigning them.

Hard drive encryption

Detect threats and viruses

Remote OS security updates

Lock lost or stolen devices

Wipe sensitive data remotely

Remote app updates

Create a better device experience for all

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