Create a Better Device Experience for All

Seeing is believing. Request a demo to see how Swifteam can bring greater efficiency and value to your HR and IT teams.

Buy the equipment remote teams need

It starts with an employee assessment that helps you understand their work environment and determine what is needed to best perform the job function. From there, connect your HRIS system so you can view that role’s preferred devices and settings. Finally, make accounting happy by providing them with no-surprise pricing and a single view of company-owned assets. 

Simplified Pricing

Eliminate surprises when it comes to pricing with set pricing for your team’s preferred devices. 

Financing Options

Pay for your devices in installments with Swifteam’s financing, available upon credit approval.

Fast Shipping

Give staffers the fast shipping they’re already used to. Most devices arrive in 2-3 business days.


Assess remote employees’ work environments

Don’t just tell employees what they need. Reveal their working environment so you can set them up for success with a custom assessment from Swifteam.


Order devices and equipment

We’ve negotiated the best supplier partnerships to ensure you can buy with confidence. No need to shop around when you get the best selection, price, financing and shipping options with Swifteam. 


Set up with ease

Save computers, laptops and monitors as preferred devices and configure them with preset apps and settings that are best for each team. 


Move faster by connecting to 25 HR systems

Easily migrate your current workflow – integrate with 25 HR systems. Connecting your HR and IT asset dashboards lets you manage devices, teams, presets, agreements, accounting, uptime, and offboarding quickly – all in one place.

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Create a better device experience for all

Use Swifteam for free forever if you have up to 5 remote employees. Get a custom quote based on your company's size.