Create a Better Device Experience for All

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Employees come…

It can be a challenging road to hire team members that are just right for the role. Set them up for success with their devices from day one.

…and Employees go

Whether on their own accord or through a termination, employee turnover is a natural part of business. Setting up with Swifteam device management software on the front end makes offboarding on the back end a breeze. 

Swifteam handles both. And everything in between.

Take the headache out of dealing with devices with the ability to remotely manage employee devices. You’ll sleep easier at night knowing that you can protect your assets and data with OS updates and threat protection.

Lighten your load with Swifteam’s mobile device management software

Better Visibility 

With a unified view of your complete device inventory, Swifteam gives you purview over your assets like never before. Store all of your device receipts for accurate accounting over the life of each device. 

Higher Productivity

Countless minutes and hours are wasted typing in new employee information, selecting the best devices and ordering them. With Swifteam, you can bring automation and scale to device management.

Asset Protection

When people do their jobs outside the confines of an office, company data and assets are at risk. Swifteam lets you track your devices and ensure your physical and intellectual property are kept safe.


Move faster by connecting to 25 HR systems

Easily migrate your current workflow – integrate with 25 HR systems. Connecting your HR and IT asset dashboards lets you manage devices, teams, presets, agreements, accounting, uptime, and offboarding quickly – all in one place.

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Create a better device experience for all

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