Enforce trust service principles and secure your company data

Mobile Device Management made easy



Fast ordering – global shipping

Create equipment catalogs, personalize configurations and device specs, and place and track orders – all through Swifteam.

Order new team devices through Swifteam and save 10%.


Equip your remote team 10x faster

It starts with an employee assessment that shows you their work environment and lets you know what they need to do their job.

Then, connect your HRIS system so you can see what devices and settings they prefer.

Finally, make accounting happy by giving them no-surprise pricing and a single view of company-owned assets.


MDM tool

Compliant with SOC 2 trust service principles

Thanks to smartphones, tablets, and laptops, more people can work remotely than ever before. But these devices also threaten your company's security. Swifteam helps protect your intellectual property when these devices aren't in the office.

[SOC 2 checklist points: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. List these on a computer design with checksnext to each.]

Employee Portal

Connect everyone in your company

At Swifteam, we don't just want to help companies manage their devices intuitively. We want to help remote workers succeed.

That's where our Employee Portal comes in.



What happens to a device when an employee leaves?

Workplace theft and employee irresponsibility costs companies billions of dollars each year. Swifteam secures, recovers, and stores devices so you don't lose money.