Introducing SwiftGPT:

A groundbreaking integration of Swifteam's MDM platform with the power of ChatGPT.

Product features:

Get the best answers to your device questions in a matter of seconds

Endless Possibilities:

SwiftGPT empowers you to leverage the full capabilities of ChatGPT. Draft emails effortlessly, create reports seamlessly, generate analytics insights, and so much more.

Identify top applicants with no manual screening

  • Stop reviewing 100s of resumes and focus on your highest quality applicants only
  • HireAI learns your preferences for more personalized results after each review

Hire 4x faster with vetted candidates

  • Meet vetted, ready-to-interview candidates right now
  • Verified skills and availability help you skip first round interviews

Experience the future of Mobile Device Management today.

75% faster

to fill open roles

58% cost savings

vs hiring locally

800+ companies

have hired developers on Arc

Save time

Instead of manually reviewing resumes, instantly find the best match candidates for you

Improve accuracy

Identify the most relevant profiles automatically so you don’t miss out on qualified candidates.

Reduce bias

Evaluate candidates with the same criteria to ensure fairness and reduce the impact of bias.

Better candidate experience

Streamline the candidate experience by quickly finding and reaching out to qualified ones.


in overall productivity


time saved when performing tasks such as drafting emails, generating reports, or retrieving information from databases.


improvement in employee knowledge retention.


support with unlimited queries