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Create a Better Device Experience for All

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Create a better device experience for all

Swifteam started by solving a painful operational task Angelo Huang’s team experienced at his previous EdTech startup. At one time, they managed 200 contractors around the globe without knowing about device management and inventory software. He spent hours manually onboarding new contractors and managing devices with Excel sheets — but the story starts even earlier.

Back in 2015, Angelo started out managing a team of remote engineers across the globe. He traveled back and forth between each location to deliver and retrieve laptops. Many laptops returned with an Apple activation lock enabled because ex-employees usually left computers with the “find-my” feature enabled. He had to communicate with Apple to unlock the devices, but unfortunately, most devices couldn’t be unlocked without the original invoices.

In 2021, he saw an opportunity to develop an easy-to-use device and inventory management app that doesn’t require you to be an IT manager to operate it. Open-source communities and libraries like NanoMDM, NanoDEP, and Munki made things easier. He also developed great partnerships with industry leaders like CDW for device ordering and Slope for B2B BNPL payment.

Swifteam is aspiring to become a leader of IT solution providers for the new-generation global workforce. Our mission is to provide products and services that can facilitate the future of work, remote or hybrid.

The only device management platform built for remote teams

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