HRIS integrations we support:

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Your employees are unique. Their equipment needs are, too.

Jane works out of her “living room slash exercise room” in her small Manhattan apartment. The four foot electric stand up desk you have sitting in our warehouse won’t work for her. Meanwhile, Joe shares a home office with his wife, and his chair is a little too small for him. Swifteam can help you equip your employees’ with everything it will take to help them love where they work. 


It starts with our proprietary assessment

Sure, Swifteam connects to your HR system so you know the right team and device an employee should receive. But what about the other stuff? Our Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment lets you understand their remote working conditions. This helps to ensure your staff is well-equipped with the right screens, accessories and ergonomic furniture and equipment to get their job done comfortably and efficiently. The best part? You can customize your DSE Assessment to your company’s unique needs. 

Want to have a look under the hood at how our DSE Assessment works?

Get on the same page with your employees

Once you understand your employee’s working situation, you can help them improve it. 

Employee Profile

Invite employees to the portal where they can complete their DSE assessment and profile.

Record of Assets

Give both you and the employee a unified view of assets, including use agreements. 

Equipment Request

The employee portal is also where they can go to request new equipment when the need arises. 

Create a better device experience for all

Use Swifteam for free forever if you have up to 5 remote employees. Get a custom quote based on your company's size.